moooorning! can’t hold us is so amazing live! best way to wake up :)


i mean the lyrics are utter shit but idk its just fab

oh no. let the spamming begin.

okay here’s to the ppl who are complaining abt nick playing taylor: he’s not in charge of the music he’s playing. there is a music team. and these ppl pick most of the song choices.

i think that’s the first song that i actually like today

"I got a death threat on Twitter this week from a One Direction stalker who accused me of being ‘another Caroline-cougar bitch chasing Harry who doesn’t deserve to have met the best boys in the world’ :-D i’m gonna RT it in 3 years when she’s working in Tesco after failing her music B.Tech and capture her cyber cringe."
LMC knows what’s up (x)

they need a vanessa wake yo self up gahhhhhh

good mooooooorning :)


aw frank oceans the big thing this week

pumped to hear nick sigh over frank ocean like we sigh over him