rollupthepartitionpls asked: "Share 5 facts about yourself and pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers :)"

okay so let’s go

  1. I hate it when someone’s mad/angry at me. I always apologize even when it wasn’t my fault.
  2. I want to go vegan by the end of this year.
  3. I’m very much afraid of death.
  4. I’m obsessed with youtubers! (current ones: zoe & alfie)
  5. I dislike reading books.
Anonymous asked: "Re: previous anon, pretty sure we've seen Grimmy with a spliff or two before anyway"

yeah I just thought about that too! there is a pic of him and gillian smoking something! and also there are some pics from coachella from a few years ago where he smokes ‘something’

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Anonymous asked: "lmao its funny because you think you are his 'bff' blessss"

what????? I think I never said that .. I just like him! I’m a fan

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Anonymous asked: "does he do any other drugs or?"

lol sorry i dont know im not his bff

Anonymous asked: "grimmy smokes?!"

hell yes

Anonymous asked: "Grimmy looks very orange in Henry Hollands new Instagram :-/"


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Anonymous asked: "it's good to have you back, dear :)"

hiii omg this is so sweet! :) xx

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Anonymous asked: "hey did you watch Sweat the Small Stuff: Extra Sweaty???? its amazing its a whole 42 minutes of GRIMMMMYYY?????"

nooooo :( I did not :( I’m quite busy with studying right now :( But after my finals I’m gonna watch every single episode including the extra sweaty ones! :)

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Anonymous asked: "heyyyy :) i just found you today and i'm so happy you seem to be a non-harry-styles-oriented grimmy blog. ngl, i only became aware of nick's existence after he started hanging out with harry, but i definitely prefer him over harry and 1d now. it sucks everything about him on tumblr seems to be connected to stymshaw and larry conspiracy theories now. anyway, i'm glad you're here!"

oh wow hi :) that’s super sweet of you :) :)

yeahhhh and it sucks big time everything is abt harry and I feel like most of these new grimmy fans only like him bc he’s friends with harry

ughh tbh same here I also became aware of grimmy last year bc of harry… it was during my 1D fan time haha but… I like Grimmy for who he is and not bc he’s friends with Harry!

And yeahhh I understand you! I like Grimmy a lot more than 1D or Harry! ummm tbh I don’t even like 1D anymore. Harry is ok though. I like him.

ok bye xx

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hxneybun asked: "your hair is proper sick, how do you upkeep it"

purified blood of popstars